The Caffe Hungaria is the result of a careful renovation of the spaces that overlook with 9 entrances to the street.
Hence the grand relaunch of Bar Hungaria. The brand does not change, the ownership is different: Antonio Cola and Massimo Cola – former restaurant entrepreneurs in Rome – and Federico Scardamaglia – film producer – are the three partners who took over the business with the idea of reviving good name of Hungaria .
So the past and ambitions for the future come together, starting with the restyling of the spaces: “We have two large counters in the main space, for the cafeteria and the patisserie, with 35 seats , divided between a small small room with armchairs and the main room with tables.
But also our reinterpretation of the legendary hamburger station, which as in the past will be prepared directly on the plates in the dining room. More than 65 seats outside , which we plan to use immediately, in the space equipped with mushroom design-lamps”.

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Our Chefs

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The Chefs

Executives, cooks, sommeliers, experiences in different and prestigious Roman restaurants, today have landed at the restaurant of Caffe Hungaria. They coordinate all the catering activities, from relations with suppliers to the development of the menu, to the dining room service: “Our goal is to recover the history and prestige of the Hungaria restaurant, offering a high level of service at any time of the day. Everything, from breakfast to the appetizers for the aperitif, to the dishes coming out of the kitchen, will be produced by us. The inevitable “Completo”, which instead can be ordered from noon onwards, until closing “.

Federico Prodon
Pastry Chef

Federico Prodon was born in Rome in 1973 and became an insurance broker in 2005. Dad of two children aged 6 and 9, he has been passionate about cooking since he was a child.

Parallel to his work commitments, he trained at the Roman school “A Tavola con lo Chef”  where he began to deepen his study of raw materials and the cornerstones of Pastry through various internships, among the reference chefs there are Giuseppe Amato, Pastry chef of «La Pergola» (3 Michelin stars) and Leonardo De Carlo 2004 world champion.

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federico prodon

Excellence Pastry Chef

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The Reopening

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